what is anarchism

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what is anarchism

What Is Anarchism?

You know, if you took 100 people and asked them, “Hey what’s up with this anarchism thing, man?” you’d probably get so many different answers you’d be properly mind-fucked. Here’s the reason:

Anarchism is a pretty complex ideology (and then some!).

This complexity comes from the fact that anarchism, unlike many other political philosophies, is pretty free-thinking and quite liberally open to interpretation.

Generally though, there are certain things that make anarchism what it is, which are; the idea of getting rid of any form of government, hierarchies, pecking orders e.t.c, and letting everyone in society cooperate for mutual benefit. Self-reliance ftw.

With such a broad definition, of course it would be hard to create a rigid set of rules defining what anarchism is…but that’s the beauty of it! usually ideas which can’t be changed or be liberally open to interpretation, don’t last OR become eventually problematic *cough* monotheism *cough*

The most flexible ideas and theories typically do better than non-flexible ones in getting and maintaining good and useful results. Just look at science. We used to think the earth was flat, now we know better. Either that or some frat boys just fell off the map after one helluva toga party.

Since anarchism has a wide range of interpretations, lots of  schools of anarchistic thought have been formed throughout history. There’s individualistic anarchism, social anarchism, anarcho-communism and several others for example.

So which will this blog get into?

Hm, well, what I want to do is add my own personal interpretation into the mix. In fact, I wouldn’t call it “my own” since I think at any time, people around the world simultaneously have common ideas unbeknowest to each other — the probability is pretty big. So it’s really a construction of pre-existing ideas into something I like to wrap my mind around and I invite you to do the same!

Well so as not to get off-topic, anarchism is essentially about freedom; the freedom to make one’s own decisions, follow one’s own path in cooperation with others in a way that allows everyone to become a winner in life. Life should be about winning, not losing — however, the socioeconomic structures of modern societies oftentimes make it hard to win.

Too often.

This is something that lots of people have a hard time grasping, because we’re pretty much conditioned into doing the opposite; to fear and obey authority, to consume more than we need (to the detriment of the planet), to spend, spend, spend regardless of how much money we make…it’s a disaster, don’t believe me? Just switch on the world news and within ten seconds, you’ll see.

Although we own a life, although it belongs to us, living is oftentimes not fair. Not with the way our societies work at present. It’s a damn paradox, but one that anyone can understand the cause of; imbalances of power in our structures of politics and economics.

The main thing anarchism talks about that makes it so appealing, is the concept of creating fairness and equality for all through self-governance; you get to own a life and do whatever the hell you want with it. 

Why should a prime minister, president, king or queen get to decide what’s the best way you should live your life, more than you? They do not know your dreams, hopes, aspirations or ambitions.

That’s crap.

So for now, that was a basic rundown of anarchism. I know it was pretty short, I know, but I’ll hop right into some other elements of it later. I’ll also later write an article about the type of anarchism Rebelville Blog is focused on — urban-centric anarchism (as I like to call it). Things should get interesting!

Thanks a lot for reading, so till next time; keep cool, be yourself and stay free!

Peace out.